Best Presentation Award (BPA)

The best presentation award (BPA) are given to the most outstanding young researchers of the conference.

A. BPA applicants must be under 40 years of age as of August 31, 2021.
B. In addition to the usual abstract submission, each applicant should also submit an application document for BPA with a written statement (maximum of 300 words) of the importance of the research and his/her date of birth. The application form can be downloaded here. Figures and References can be added to the statement. The statements should clearly describe the background and significance of the research to help understanding by researchers in other fields of protistology. The document should be sent in PDF format on a single A4 page to the ACOP-4 Organizing Committee at acop4@protistology.jp.
C. The BPA Committee of JSP will conduct an initial screening of the applications and select about eight candidates.
D. The selected candidates must give a 20-minute oral presentation (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion) in addition to the poster presentation (optional).
E. The final review based on the oral presentation will be conducted by the members of the International Committee (excluding the members who conducted the preliminary review).
F. For the final review, each committee member chooses two presentations and votes on them by email with a short evaluation comment.
G. If there are more than two candidates with the same number of votes, the decision will be left to the ACOP president and the congress organizer.

Deadline for BPA application: August 1522, 2021