Presentation guideline

Oral presentations (plenary lectures, symposia, and presentations by selected BPA candidates) will be conducted via Zoom. General research presentations will be limited to poster presentations only, except for selected BPA candidates. For poster presentations, presenters are asked to upload their poster files (jpg or png image files) to the SpatialChat website in advance. The posters can be viewed by conference participants at any time between November 13 and 21. During this period, participants can make interactive discussions with the presenters via posting text messages. The poster session on November 20 will allow participants to discuss face-to-face on SpatialChat.

Please visit our SpatialChat demo site and watch the YouTube video on how to participate in the poster presentation. The video can also be viewed here.

To Poster Presenters:
Odd-numbered posters should be presented in session 1 (10:00-11:50), and even-numbered posters should be presented in session 2 (12:30-14:20).
Posters should be created in portrait layout and saved in jpg or png format. Please compress the file and keep the file size under 2 MB. Otherwise, it may cause communication problems for those who are participating in a slow network environment. If you are having difficulty compressing your images, please contact the ACOP-IV conference office. Please put up your poster by yourself in the designated place in SpatialChat. Posters can be put up anytime after November 13, and staff will be on site to assist presenters during the following times.
13 November 2021: 18:00-19:50 JST
18 November 2021: 14:00-15:50 JST
In the Poster session room (SpatialChat Channel A), there will be a video for presenters to learn more about how to display and present their posters. In particular, please pay attention to the instructions for preparing your own pointer for your presentation.
The instruction video for poster presenters is also available from or

To BPA candidates:
The Best Presentation Award will be judged by an oral presentation via Zoom (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). At the scheduled time indicated in the program, please follow the instructions of the chairperson to share your screen and make your presentation. All BPA candidates have already been allocated places for their poster presentations. Although poster presentations are not part of the BPA selection process and are not mandatory, we strongly encourage the BPA candidates to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen their active discussions.