Plenary session 1 (9:20-10:10 JST, 19 November 2021) Chair: Zhao-Rong LUN
Trypanosome mitochondrial genome: the mechanism of inheritance
De-Hua LAI and Zhao-Rong LUN
The cell cycle-dependent oscillation of histone methyltransferase TXR1 is implicated in regulating replication-transcription conflicts
Yuan LI, Geoffrey KAPLER, Yifan LIU , and Shan GAO

Plenary session 2 (9:00-9:50 JST, 20 November 2021) Chair: Toshinobu SUZAKI
Studies of symbiotic association between green paramecia and their symbiotic algae using feedless culture strain of Paramecium bursaria
Hiroshi HOSOYA

Plenary session 3 (9:00-9:50 JST, 21 November 2021)Chair: Weibo SONG
Molecular Phylogeny and Species Delimitation of Heterotrich Ciliates (Alevolata, Ciliophora, Heterotrichea)
Shahed UA SHAZIB, Peter VDACNY, and Mann Kyoon SHIN