Dear fellow protistologists,

Virtual meetings are not just a substitute for real meetings but have great potential to open up scientific interactions to a larger number of researchers in a more comfortable situation. It is a pity that we cannot invite all of you to the on-site conference in Japan because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we confidently declare that we are preparing a virtual conference, which can be more fruitful than the real ones in many ways. Registration for iACOP-IV (internet ACOP-IV) is free of charge. No matter where you are, everyone in the world can freely present their research, with posters and additional materials available online. No more standing shoulder to shoulder in the cramped space of the poster session hall. You can display your research materials for a couple of weeks so that participants can enjoy and view your findings at anytime. In addition, participants can use the text chat feature to discuss with the presenters. At the poster session, you can also have face-to-face discussions with the presenters. All of this can be done in your favorite place, sitting in your familiar chair, sipping tea or coffee. This is an online conference meeting, so anyone from anywhere around the world can easily participate. If you are in Europe, please wake up a little earlier and join us. If you are in the Americas, please stay up a little later. Please join this conference from wherever and whenever you like.

We look forward to seeing you at the iACOP-IV online! 


Important dates:

July 1: Registration opening
August1522: Deadline for abstract submission (for BPA applicants)
August 31: Deadline for symposium proposal
September 30: Deadline for abstract submission (except for BPA applicants)
October 25: LINC Biz site opening (start of poster presentations)
October 31: Registration deadline
November 18: Rehearsal for poster presentation using SpatialChat (optional)
November 19-21: iACOP-IV