Registration to the exchange meeting for young researchers

Dear young researchers participating in iACOP-IV,

At iACOP-IV, a special program is now being prepared for young researchers and students working on protistology to get to know each other and deepen their research interactions. This program is open to anyone in the world, not just people from Asian countries. The only requirement to participate is that you must be under the age of 40. The planned content is a brief self-introduction and introduction of each participant's research, followed by an informal chat in small groups on a topic of interest. We sincerely believe that this project will be a way to make good friends and an opportunity for future international collaborations among the participants, which will lead to a significant development of protistology beyond national borders.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below and click the Submit button. Also, please upload a pdf file to be used for self-introduction. For detail of the file, please see the end of this page. The deadline is September 30 October 18 (extended!!).

After you click the Submit button, you will receive a confirmation email within an hour. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder and get in touch with us by email.


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Please upload your self-introduction file.

Contents of the pdf file:

The content of the pdf file should include an introduction of yourself and a brief introduction to your research. The pdf file should be a single sheet with a 4:3 aspect ratio (longer horizontally). Please keep the file size under 2MB. Please make sure that the file name and save folder of the uploaded file are in English; otherwise, an error will occur.
On the day of the presentation, all participants will give a 1 to 2-minute self-introduction using this file. Therefore, the content of the file should be publishable. We will announce the details of the presentation on this web page later.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to acop_young(at)
(at) should be replaced with @.

All members of the Executive Committee of iACOP event for young researchers